[FPT Software] 80% of Bridge Engineers Receive $2,000-$3,000 Salary

Most students of 10,000 Bridge Engineers (10K BrSE) are working in Japan at large companies such as NTT Communications, Fujitsu, SBI Holdings, Human Touch, Pasona Tech, FPT …


Students in the 6th course in the Graduation Ceremony

Last weekend, FPT Software coordinated with Meros Japanese School to hold a graduation ceremony for students in the 6th course of the 10,000 Bridge Engineers Program (10K BrSE) in Japan.

10K BrSE of FPT Software has delivered 9 courses to Japan for training with a total of 550 students so far. There are 6 courses that have graduated with more than 450 students among of these, 80% of whom are working in Japan at some large companies such as NTT Communications, Fujitsu, SBI Holdings, Human Touch, Pasona Tech, FPT Japan with the salary level from 2,000 to 3,000 USD per month. The remaining 20% are working at FPT Software in Vietnam and Japanese companies in Vietnam.

According to Mrs. Nguyen Hong Lien, Director of FPT Software’s 10,000 Bridge Engineers Program, with the desire to create more opportunities for Vietnamese IT engineers to study and work in Japan in the near future, 10K BrSE will focus on improving the quality of trainees, expanding the types of links with businesses and schools under the model of “Training – Career – Practice – Work”.


All students in the 6th course of 10kBrSE program were taking a photo with representatives of FPT and Meros.

In order to meet the demand for human resources for projects with Japanese customers since 2007, FPT Software has implemented an in-house bridge engineer (BrSE) training program for its employees. Starting in 2015, FPT Software officially extended this program to all IT engineers in Vietnam. The target of 10,000 Bridge Engineers Program is IT graduates or college graduates in IT.

The objective of the program is to train and supply human resources for IT engineers who are knowledgeable in Japanese and able to work with Japanese enterprises through short-term training programs in Vietnam and Japan. At the same time, providing IT human resources in Japanese and mastering working skills with Japanese partners for IT companies in Vietnam and Japan.

To provide the best opportunity for Vietnamese IT engineers to become bridge engineers in Japanese, FPT Software will provide financial loans for 10K BrSE during the studying process in Japan with its maximum loan limit of VND 350 million. At the same time, FPT Software collaborated with the Meros Japanese School to develop a specialized training program for students. After graduation, FPT Software will also create the best condition for program trainees to get jobs in large companies in Japan with minimum wage of 2,000 USD/month.

In the development strategy of FPT Software, Japan has always been considered as the number one priority market, bringing stable and sustainable growth. FPT Japan has become the largest foreign IT Company in the sunrise country with 760 employees working in 4 offices in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka. Over the past years, FPT Japan has brought thousands of IT engineers in Vietnam to deploy many important IT projects for the leading corporations of this country. In 2016, revenue of FPT Japan reached 128 million USD, up to 49% over the same period.

Credit: Chi Vy (Chungta.vn)