5 Tips for successful scholarship interviews

With the purpose and the incessant effort of improving the quality of education not only in Vietnam but also in foreign countries all over the world, FPT University is pleased to offer Scholarship Program in 2019 for potential international students. Accordingly, FPT University is currently awarding 50 scholarships for students applying in September Intake 2019. 

In addition to IQ Test and Essay Writing, Interview is one of three and last criteria for FPT University Admission Council to assess whether the candidates could win a scholarship or not.  A good interview is vital to your scholarship application. It’s an opportunity to supplement your credentials with the kind of impression that can’t be put on paper.

But for most, interviews are a major source of stress. Keep the anxiety level under control by thinking ahead and following these tips from a scholarship expert. 

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Be Prepared

You can also decrease your anxiety level and improve your experience by anticipating the questions you’ll be asked. Be prepared to discuss:

Your background: your educational history, your employment experiences, family background and upbringing.

Your academic achievements: class-ranking, grade point average, awards you have won or projects you have undertaken (science fairs, debate competitions, etc.).

Your future plans: academic plans, career plans.

Your hobbies and interests: extracurricular activities, skills, jobs, etc.

Your financial profile and needs: income, savings, parent’s resources, level of financial need, anticipated expenses, etc. Information about your financial resources is especially important if the scholarship is need-based.

Your facilities to serve the interview: As most of our interviews are online, in order to learn the question carefully and give your answer clearly, you should make sure your internet in good condition. The earphone is suggested to be used to help you listen clearly. 

Be On Time

Nothing screams “unprepared” like showing up for a meeting and not remembering who you are supposed to meet. If you are running behind, please call ahead and let them know you will be late. This will give the scholarship provider the option of pushing back your interview or rescheduling it, if necessary. It’s never good to show up late, but it’s even worse to do so without giving the provider a fair warning.

Dress Appropriately 

First impressions are important, and as the saying goes “you don’t get a second chance”. Dress presentably for all of your interviews. While it is not necessary to dress formally, semi-formal attire is appropriate for all scholarship and college board interviews. 

Ask a Few Questions 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions during the interview process. Inquire about the company sponsoring the scholarship, or ask about particulars regarding the scholarship itself. Being able to engage the interviewer with questions of your own shows that you are prepared and comfortable, and highlights your interest in the award and in your ultimate college career.

Be Yourself

It can be intimidating trying to impress complete strangers, but here’s something you should know — you’ve already impressed them. If they didn’t see something remarkable or unique about you, you wouldn’t have been selected for an interview. Walk into your meeting with confidence, smile, and be yourself. You’ve worked hard to get here, so enjoy the moment.

FPT University is awarding 50 scholarships for students applying in September Intake 2019. The scholarship program aims to offer outstanding international students access to scholarship funds, attracting the brightest minds from across the globe. Learn more about the scholarship here

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