More than 40 research projects were introduced at Pacling 2019, FPT Edu has 4 reports which were chosen to present. That shows the development in scientific research of FPT.

#1. The idea to help chatbot more “human”

The project “Research on mixing domain dialogue” by Mr. Luong Chi Tho (Technology Department) focused on developing dialogue (chat) in chatbot application in a way that is more user-friendly, helping them reduce sense of dialogue with the machine while needs to be quickly answered their questions.

Products will be commercialized in the near future and it is likely that some units of FPT Corporation will be the first “customers”. In education sector, the product will help students with thier questions regarding rules, tuition, school rules … In retail sector, the product becomes more useful when consulting products, promote promotions …

#2. The expert of Technology Department creates the comment filter tool e-news in Vietnam

Presented in Pacling 2019, Dr. Dang Hoang Vu – Specialist of Technology Department, showed the study “Automatically approving online comments with a network coding”. His scientific work is being tested on the system of VnExpress – one of the online newspapers with the largest number of viewer in Vietnam, to eliminate comments that violate cultural and ethical regulations. … or it is provocative, divisive, racist. Mr. Hoang Vu said that previously these stages were often done manually. However, the product which he researched can run automatically, save time and human resources for newspaper.

As a technology expert who has participated in many international scientific events, he thought that Pacling is the most international conference with high quality and great opportunities for researchers in Vietnam.

#3. Audio recognition tool

Starting from a university project, Dr. Tran Duc Chung, lecturer at FPT University Hanoi, has continued to develop and completed the research “The effect of overlay system in separating musical instruments and voices based on spectrum” at Pacling 2019. It focused on analyzing the effects of overlay systems on the spectrum of voices or instruments. This work will have specific applications such as sound analysis and identification, sound separation and adjustment.

He plans to continue developing his work at FPT Technology Research Institute.

#4. The initiative to help the deaf access media products

Master Quach Luyl Da, lecturer at FPT Can Tho University, brought to Pacling the topic: “Proposing the process of translating Vietnamese sign language through the comparison of some classification algorithms”. This is the working research for nearly 2 years in order to help the deaf easier to monitor and access to the mass media, especially television. Through the learning process, Mr. Da has done the translation of Vietnamese structure into sign language and further improved the dictionary of this language. At the same time, he also built a “dynamic character” that simulates real people to perform sign language gestures, including hand, head or facial movements … The product received positive feedbacks from the deaf community.

In the future, Quach Luy Da plans to turn his research into a public tool as Google Translate so that deaf people can easily use it, and create conditions for him to be able to actively get data for completing the product.