300 students are honored in the Summer Semester 2017

With outstanding academic performance and excellent social activities, 300 individuals, clubs and teams have been honored in the Summer Semester 2017.

Students are honored at the summation of the Summer semester 2017.
Students are honored at the summation of the Summer semester 2017.

The ceremony of honoring students in Summer Semester 2017 recently took place at the Innovation Conference at FPT University. The event aims to recognize the dedication of the social activities and encourage the learning spirit of FPT students.

More than 300 students and clubs are recognized in the ceremony of outstanding academic achievement and excellent social activities. Students with a semester grade mark of 8.0 or higher were awarded the title of Good Student; those who have 9.0 or above were awarded the title of Excellent Student.

For LAB subjects of IT students, depending on the achievement, students will be rewarded with the following titles: Red, Yellow and Blue.

In particular, the title of red shirt is for students who gain high achievement in code subjects. It is the dream of many students in the IT major. To achieve the red shirt, students have to exceed the code quota, sometimes up to 10,000 lines. This demonstrates perseverance, effort in learning and a strong IT passion.

FPT Summer 1

“FPT University has a strong brand name in Information Technology. Students in engineering majors are carefully instructed in software engineering and the volume of lessons is also hard,” said Mr. Vu Xuan Tri, a K-13 student in Software Engineering who won C-Yellow YDeveloper. “However, the school always creates a dynamic environment for students. In addition to studying, I have just joined the club’s activities. I think balancing learning and relaxation is the best way to learn”.

Summer Semester 2017 recorded exciting activities of the clubs and student groups such as: Events Club – FEV; Music Club – FBK, Vo Vovinam Club – FVC. Individuals have won the title of outstanding student activities are Vo Hoai Em – 3 consecutive semesters, Duong Trung Duong – 2 consecutive semesters and Nguyen Hong Thu Phuong.

“This is the first time I have been recognized as an excellent student of participating social activities and I’m very happy,” said Nguyen Hong Thu Phuong, K12 student of graphic design. “Currently, I’m joining 4 clubs. It’s quite busy but I have a lot of beautiful memory in my first year”. She also committed to develop better and ignite fire to new students.

Many students attended the celebration of Summer Semester 2017.
Many students attended the celebration of Summer Semester 2017.

Mr. Than Van Su, Head of FPT University Training Department in Ho Chi Minh City emphasized: “Each student is a talented person. The students honored at the ceremony are very talented and I hope the next generation will be better than the previous generation”. 

Every year, students of FPT University have 3 semesters: Fall – Spring – Summer, each term lasts 4 months. At the end of each period, a ceremony is celebrated for students to review their study results and set up training plan for the new semester.

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Credit: FPT Education