25 million Bangladeshis use products developed by FPT

Currently, FPT has implemented many projects for the Government of Bangladesh, including tax administration, resource planning and corporate asset management.

On July 24, the Embassy of Vietnam in Bangladesh organized a “Digital Bangladesh: Opportunities and Challenges for Vietnam and Bangladesh” seminar with the desire to promote cooperation between the two countries in the field of telecommunications and IT. 

The event has witnessed the attendance of two FPT representatives including FPT Software Chairman Hoang Nam Tien and Mr. Nguyen Thanh Lam – Director of FUNiX in Ho Chi Minh City.

At the seminar, the guests had a lot of sharing around issues on Digital Technology, opportunities and challenges of human resources in the IT industry in Vietnam and Bangladesh, as well as cooperation opportunities on training and providing IT human resources between the two countries.

Representatives of the Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology Bangladesh – State Secretary Zunaid Ahmed Palak emphasized that digital technology is playing an important role in Bangladesh. The Bangladesh government highly appreciated the relationship with Vietnam and is always willing to cooperate with Vietnamese entrepreneurs who want to invest in Bangladesh, especially in the IT sector.

Especially in the event, the information that more than 25 million Bangladeshis are using products developed by FPT was also announced. Of which, there are several large projects such as Integrated VAT Administration System for Bangladesh Tax Authority, VAT management system, resource planning and property management software for enterprises, etc. Representative of Bangladesh government also shared that large-scale information technology projects made an important contribution to computerization. These aim to prompt the government’s goal of becoming a digital country by 2021, and at the same time open up many cooperation opportunities between the two countries’ IT companies.

Vietnamese Ambassador in Bangladesh Tran Van Khoa said Vietnam has the second largest IT human resource in Asia. “In Vietnam, every year there are about 300,000 IT graduates from universities, colleges and institutes participating in the IT market. With this result, Vietnam can help Bangladesh develop high-quality human resources in IT”.

Mr. Khoa also urged Vietnamese IT companies to consider the possibility of long-term investment in Bangladesh to leverage the IT labor force in the local.

Chairman of FPT Software Hoang Nam Tien and Director of FUNIX in Ho Chi Minh City exchanged with Bangladesh Secretary of State at the Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology Ministry.

Speaking at the event, FPT Software Chairman Hoang Nam Tien share about the important role of network security at this time. The two countries need to develop technology to ensure their own network security.

In the “Digital Bangladesh” Vision by 2021, the government aims to create about two million new jobs in the IT sector and raise IT service export revenue to $ 5 billion. Therefore, the Government of Bangladesh is focusing highly on the training and development of human resources, including promoting cooperation in education and training with other prestigious partners like Vietnam and FPT.

According to Mr. Syed Almas Kabir – Chairman of Bangladesh Information and Software Services Association, if Bangladesh and Vietnam cooperate effectively, in the future, both countries can achieve leading positions in the IT and software field.

FPT is currently the only Vietnamese company in Bangladesh. The company has implemented many large IT projects for the government since 2014. In 2015, FPT surpassed 5 international contractors to be selected to implement Integrated VAT Administration System. In 2017, FPT IS operated the VAT management system for Bangladesh Tax Authority after 12 months of implementation. This is the largest project of this unit in foreign countries.

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