A 17 Year-Old Boy Generated a Robotic Arm Receiving a Full Scholarship of FPT University

Being a winner of the third prize in the contest of international science, Pham Huy (Quang Tri Province) was awarded a full scholarship of 4 years’ worth of VND 290 million by FPT University.

Pham Huy received a full scholarship of 4 years at FPT University in Danang Campus.

In the morning of June 5th 2017, at Quang Tri High School, FPT University’s representatives awarded Nguyen Van Dao Scholarship worth VND 290 million to Pham Huy, the 11th grade student who has won the third prize in the international science and technology competition in America (Intel ISEF 2017), with his robotic arm project for the disabled. Huy will be supported 100% of tuition and accommodation fees for 4 years at FPT University in Da Nang Campus.

Mr. Huynh Tan Chau, Director of the FPT Organization Office in Da Nang, said that Huy would have many opportunities to develop his talents and improve his product of robotic arm in the technological environment at FPT University.

Receiving the scholarship, Huy expressed his desire to become an excellent programmer in the future.

After 4 years of incubation, Pham Huy made a robotic arm with 31 separate gestures, which can hold a spoon, lift weights of 2 kg or hold heavy objects up to 11 kg. The product was awarded as the third prize in the international science and technology competition, with the participation of nearly 1,800 high school students in 78 countries and territories, held from May 14th to May 19th in the United States.

Prior to the contest, Pham Huy was twice refused by the US Embassy related to visa issue. On the opening day, he just received a visa from a special interview and took a flight to the US alone because the delegation of Vietnam had gone to the US before.

At the same time, Quang Tri Provincial Party Committee and People’s Committee awarded a certificate of merit with a reward of VND 20 million; many other departments such as Education, Science, Provincial Youth Union, and Association for Education… also awarded certificates of merit and bonus to Pham Huy.

Mr. Nguyen Van Hung, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee emphasized that Quang Tri has many people with disabilities, so Pham Huy’s creativity has a profound meaning. Mr. Hung reminded Huy: “Don’t be too complacent with this award, and he should consider this prize as a starting point to occupy the pinnacle of knowledge.”

Secretary of Quang Tri Provincial Party Committee, Mr. Nguyen Van Hung gave flowers and commended Pham Huy (Photo taken by Hoang Tao).

After the ceremony, Pham Huy said he is continuing to develop the project of robotic arm to have more flexible gestures in life. “I’m looking for disabled people to test this arm. If the project is successful, I will give them products as a gift,” Pham Huy said.

Credit: Hoang Tao (Vnexpress.net)